Saturday, February 2, 2019

Valentine's Day Activities

AHHHHH, February: the month of love. I personally don't care for Valentine's Day, but I love pink...and I love chocolate- so the month has that going for it. I wanted to hop on here and share a whole bunch of activities you can do for the ENTIRE month. Personally, it's a short one for me because we have President's break the week of the 18th, so I really only have about two weeks of school this month. Can I get a HALLELUJAH?  If you're not off, I'm sorry....but no worries: I gotchu covered. See below for a my top 10 FREE Valentine's Day activities.

1) Valentine's Day Would You Rather: I have probably used Rachel's "Would Your Rather" sets for ever holiday. They're great for conversational turn-taking, and just general expressive language. I pair these with an open ended game like Jenga or Connect Four. In addition, I always provide a sentence strip for my students that says: "I would rather.....because....."  I really do torture my poor kids :)

2) Cupid's Resume: I mean, does this not look like the funnest activity to do with your MS/HS students?! Perfect way to target written language, thinking critically, and take on a characters perspective. I bet it would be fun to see which students can be the most creative.

3) Valentine's Day Science Investigation: Okay, this is science-y, BUT's about CHOCOLATE. WHO doesn't like chocolate?! I personally prefer dark, but I know most of my kids like milk chocolate. I have a feeling they would enjoy this passage, plus it comes with comprehension questions (and targets other skills too). I love the idea of incorporating science into speech. ALSO, you know I loves me some taste testing, so it would be super fun to have them vote on their favorite chocolate (keep it simple: dark or milk Hershey Kisses).

4) Valentine's Day Writing: This packet has a few Valentine's day writing prompts for different types of writing (persuasive, informational, etc..). 

5) Valentine's Reader's Theater: Here's another fun way to work on comprehension, vocab, story grammar, etc.. I also have a ton of students working on reading fluency, so plays are great way to target this goal.

6) Cupid Quandry: This is such a fun activity to do with your social skills groups. You can "problem solve: thoughts, feelings, timing (right person, place or time), take another person's perspective, predictable/unpredictable responses and more!"

7) Steal Their Heart Language Challenge: This seems like such a fun way to work on building language skills with older students. All you need is some v-day pictures, and the packet comes with everything else. In the description, The Dabbling Speechie says she uses it with her students to encourage them to use more complex sentences and advanced vocabulary.

8) Synonyms/Antonym Hearts: This is simple, but to the point. Students identify whether words within the heart are synonyms or antonyms. I would also have students use words in a sentence and explain how they're the same/different.

9) Valentine's Day Idioms: I love working on idioms to target critical thinking skills. It's a good way to help students move away from literal thinking.

10) Valentine's Day Inference: If you have a student really struggling to make inferences, this would be a great way to practice. No cutesy clip art either!! 

Other random ideas if these don't cut it for you:
- NewsELA articles like this or this
- Valentine's Day card writing
- Cookie decorating (great for following directions)
- Word searches or scrambles (I saw a ton online), and have them use the words in a sentence.
- Analyzing love songs (I was originally thinking of doing this for February- but decided to save it for after break: be on the lookout!!).

PHEW, I'm done. I think this should really hold you over for the entire month. Many of these can take several sessions, and there's literally something for EVERY goal you have. Whatever you don't make it to this month- just save for next year. I can't wait to hear which of these you use! Please e-mail me or message me on instagram so let me know what you're up to. 

Have a great month <3
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