Sunday, October 4, 2020

Fall Themed Therapy Ideas

I can't believe another season of fall is here. Summer came and went, and in the blink of an eye, it's already October. Luckily, fall is one of my favorite seasons. Unluckily (is that even a word?), it's hard to enjoy this season with all the madness this year brings. Hopefully, this blog post makes your month a little easier. 

When I asked what you needed from me this year, many of you said you wanted ideas for themed therapy (appropriate for MS/HS of course). I compiled some of my favorite fall/halloween activities to keep your sessions fun & engaging. Many of the Halloween activities I posted last year, but I also added several new ones. I also added a general fall theme section in case you don't want to do anything holiday-ish.

General Fall Activities:

Open-Ended Activities:
Search for Fall images to target a variety of skills such as comprehension, syntax, and vocabulary!
Halloween Themed:

Videos (Connect to Edpuzzle to embed comprehension question):

Creepy Short Stories (READ MY DISCLAIMER): DISCLAIMER!!!: I shared these last year, but just so you know...some of these are a little disturbing. I only used select ones. The stories I found most appropriate for older students (7th grade and up) are: #3,7,25, and 26 (for this one, just edit out the bar part). Perhaps for HS students, you can find others. You can also edit as needed so they're more appropriate. My students loved them last year!

Halloween Taboo
Halloween Context Clues & Idioms
Halloween Vocabulary Word List: Maybe you want to do your own vocabulary activity using words associated with halloween? Here is a nice sample list! If you want to find others, just google "halloween tier 2 vocabulary words."


Enjoy and happy fall!!

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I just began with a full caseload of middle and high school, and I am used to elementary students so this website and round-up is incredibly helpful to me!


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