Monday, December 9, 2019

December Therapy

NINE. That’s how many days stand between me and winter break. I'm just over here trudging along....I think I can, I think I can. OK, I'll skip the small talk. I rounded up some great FREEBIES to get you through these next two weeks. I recommended choosing a few (READ: 2-3), and modifying for most groups! I tried to include a variety to fit all your needs.

Expressive Language:

Holiday Card Writing Outline: Every year, I do a holiday card writing activity with my students. I encourage students to write to a teacher to show their appreciation. If there’s time, they can do a family member too. This easily takes two sessions, especially if using the outline I created! I buy cards from dollar tree but you can save some $$ and have students make them on their own!!

Receptive Language:

Figurative Language:
Winter Idioms

Non-Fiction Text:

Fiction Text:

Winter Vocabulary List: You can do ANYTHING with this list! Have students write sentences using the words. Draw association maps. Write a holiday story. The possibilities are endless :)
- Winter Synonym Match-up: I don't love the snowman graphics, but it would be a cute activity for 6th graders!

A little bit of everything:
Winter Cooking Activity


Just For Fun:
Gingerbread Tasting: My coworkers and I started this last year! We grabbed different types of gingerbread cookies (German, American, and Russian), and had students try each one. They voted on their favorite and we had a running poll. Some groups filled out this chart to make it more of a language activity (if you feel like turning it into a session, great for working on sensory details)!

- Trader Joe's has a ugly sweater decorating kit! I did this two years ago and my students loved it! Perfect for the last week of school when kids are checked out, or as an end of session activity. Great for following directions and vocabulary! WARNING: It's messy.

I hope these help you get through the last two weeks of therapy! 

Let me know what you'll be up to.
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